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Context menu extension

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Context menu extension

After you install DOEU, you can recover deleted emails from a dbx file by simply clicking your mouse in Explore because DOEU has integrated its functions into it. Following are the detail operations:

1.In Explore, select the Outlook Express dbx file to be recovered and click the right mouse button.

2.A context menu will appear, in which you can find "Recover file..." and "Recover file and Open directory..." menu items.

3.By clicking "Recover file...", you can recover emails from the selected file. If the name of the selected file is "a.dbx", then the recovered emails will be outputted to a subdirectory named 'a_recovered' under the current directory.

4.By clicking "Recover file and Open directory...", you can recover emails from the selected file. And after the recovery process, the directory containing all the recovered emails will be opened automatically.


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