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Step 4: Scan in process

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Step 4: Scan in process

In this page, DataNumen Data Recovery is scanning your drives and searching for recoverable files and folders.

In the upper part, the progress bar will indicate how many percents of the scan have been done. You can also see the time consumed for the scan process.

In the lower part, the scan log box will display the detailed log information about the scan process, mainly used for error diagnostic purpose.

Depends on the number of drives you select, the number of files and folders(including the lost and deleted items, as well as the normal items) on each drive, the scan options you set, as well as your computer's hardware/software configuration, the time consumed by the scan process may vary from several minutes to several hours.

During the scan process, if you want to abort it, please click "Stop" button in the bottom-right corner of the dialog, otherwise, please be patient and wait for the completion of the scan.

After the scan process is completed successfully and at least one or several files or folders can found to be recoverable, then you will see a messagebox saying "Scan completes successfully! Please select the files and folders you want to recover from the scan result!". Click "OK" button, we will be redirected to the next page.




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