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DataNumen TAR Repair

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Repair a batch of files

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Repair a batch of files

Click "Batch Repair" tab in the dialog, you can repair a batch of corrupted TAR files:

1.Click "Add Files" to add TAR files to the "List of files to be repaired" list. The initial repair status is "Not Repaired".

2.Click "Search Files" to search and select TAR files to be recovered on the local computer.

3.Click "Remove Files" can remove the selected files in the list.

4.Click "Remove All" can clear the list.

5.After the files to be repaired have been added into the list. Click "Start Repair" to repair all the files in the list one by one. After a file has been repaired successfully, its status will change to "Successfully". Otherwise, its status will become "Failed". You can also click "Stop Repair" button to abort the reparation process. In that case, the repair status of the file will become "Aborted".

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