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Repair a batch of files

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Recover a batch of files

Click "Batch Recovery" tab in the dialog, you can recover a batch of corrupted dwg files:

1.Specify the format of the source file in "Source File Format" combo box. Note if you specify "AutoCAD R14" format, "AutoCAD 2000 - 2003" format, "AutoCAD 2004 - 2006" format, "AutoCAD 2007 - 2009" format, "AutoCAD 2010 - 2012" format or "AutoCAD 2013-2021" format, then all source dwg files to be recovered in batch must be in the same format, for example, AutoCAD 2013 - 2021 format. If the actual format of one source dwg file is different from the format specified in "Source File Format", then that file will not be recovered. If you don't know the format of the corrupt AutoCAD dwg files, then you can select "Auto Determined" so that DDWGR will determine the format of the dwg files automatically.


Note: It is very time-consuming to let DDWGR to determine the dwg file format automatically. So if you know the source file format, it is better to set it explicitly instead of using "Auto Determined" option.

2.Specify the format of the fixed target dwg files in "Target File Format" combo box. All the recovered dwg files will be output in that format. By default, the output file format is set to "Same as source file", which means it will same as the source corrupt dwg file format. For example, if the source dwg file format is AutoCAD 2013, then the output file format will also be AutoCAD 2013. You may also select other formats. Currently AutoCAD R14 to 2017 formats are supported.

3.Click "Add Files" to add dwg files to the "List of files to be recovered" list. The initial recovery status is "Not Recovered".

4.Click "Search Files" to search and select dwg files to be recovered on the local computer.

5.Click "Remove Files" can remove the selected files in the list.

6.Click "Remove All" can clear the list.

7.After the files to be recovered have been added into the list. Click "Start Recovery" to recover all the files in the list one by one. After a file has been recovered successfully, its status will change to "Successfully". Otherwise, its status will become "Failed". You can also click "Stop Recovery" button to abort the recovery process. In that case, the recovery status of the file will become "Aborted".

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