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DataNumen NTFS Undelete

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Step 1: Select drives

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Step 1: Select drives

In this page, all the drives on your computers are listed. And their file system information, that is, whether the file system is a NTFS file system or non-NTFS file system, are also listed for your reference.

In the list, you can select one or multiple NTFS drives where you want to scan and recover deleted files and folders.

After you finish selecting the drives, please click "Next" button in the bottom-right corner of the dialog to go to the next step.


DataNumen NTFS Undelete can only undelete files and folders on NTFS drives. Therefore, if you select a non-NTFS drive, then DataNumen NTFS Undelete will popup an error message and prevent you from proceeding.

You can use Ctrl + left mouse button to select multiple drives. Or use Shift + left mouse button to select a range of drives.

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