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Can DataNumen Outlook Express Repair recover Outlook Express emails on Macintosh computers?
The current version of DataNumen Outlook Express Repair can only work under PC/Windows platforms....
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DataNumen Outlook Express Repair has repaired my dbx file(or mbx file) and outputted all the recovered eml files into a directory. Then how to import these emails into Outlook Express?
Please click here for detailed instructions on how to import recovered emails into an Outlook...
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How to determine whether DOER can repair my dbx or mbx file successfully, according to the results generated by the demo version?
Please just use the demo version to repair your file normally in the "Repair" page. If it can be...
Views: 1212
How to order the full version of DataNumen Outlook Express Repair?
The demo version will report all the recoverable messages in the dbx or mbx files and output 10...
Views: 1267
I failed to repair my Outlook Express dbx/mbx file with DataNumen Outlook Express Repair, why?
Contact our technical support: support@datanumen.com. If possible, please also save the repair...
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Outlook Express won't even start, how to recover my messages?
Please do as follows:1. Use the "Search" function in Windows to find all the dbx files or mbx...
Views: 1151
The messages in Inbox or other mail folders disappear, how to recover them?
Please do as follows:1. Find the dbx file or mbx file corresponds to your folder.2. Repair the...
Views: 1182
What are dbt files? How to recover emails from such files?
dbt files are simply the temporary version of dbx files. If your Outlook Express crashes and you...
Views: 1145
What are dbx files? Where can I find these files?
Outlook Express 5/6 stores all messages of a mail folder in a corresponding .dbx file. For...
Views: 1140
What are mbx files? Where can I find these files?
Outlook Express 4.x uses two file types, MBX and IDX, to store your messages on your machine. For...
Views: 1404
What happens after I send in the order?
In general, you can download the full version of DOER immediately after sending the online order...
Views: 1081
What is the difference between DataNumen Outlook Express Repair and Advanced Outlook Express Data Recovery?
The only difference between these two products is that they use different source data, as...
Views: 1174
What's DataNumen Outlook Express Repair?
DataNumen Outlook Express Repair(DOER) is a powerful tool to recover emails from corrupt dbx...
Views: 1124
Which types of dbx and mbx files can DataNumen Outlook Express Repair repair?
DataNumen Outlook Express Repair supports to repair Microsoft Outlook Express 4.x mbx files and...
Views: 1228
Why can't I access the attachments in some of the recovered emails with Outlook Express?
Outlook Express has a Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a...
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