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How to determine whether DOLKR can repair my Outlook personal folder(.pst) file successfully, according to the results generated by the demo version?
Please just use the demo version to recover your Outlook PST file normally in "Repair" tab. After...
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How to order the full version of DataNumen Outlook Repair?
The demo version will output a fixed PST file containing all the recovered messages and other...
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How to recover Outlook data from virtual machine disk files, backup files and disk image files?
Please refer to this article on detailed information and instructions on how to recover Outlook...
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I failed to repair my Outlook personal folder(.pst) file with DataNumen Outlook Repair, why?
Contact with our technical support: support@datanumen.com. If possible, please also save the...
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What happens after I send in the order?
In general, you can download the full version of DOLKR immediately after sending the online order...
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What is the difference between DataNumen Outlook Repair and DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery?
The only difference between these two products is that they use different source data, as...
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What's DataNumen Outlook Repair?
DataNumen Outlook Repair(DOLKR) (formerly Advanced Outlook Repair) is the best Microsoft outlook...
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When I start the reparation, I get the error message "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Office Outlook and set it as the default mail client." and DataNumen Outlook Repair quits at once. How to solve this issue?
DataNumen Outlook Repair requires 32bit MAPI to be installed and set properly on the computer.To...
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When repairing the PST file, I get the error message in the repair log "Error 6: Cannot create destination PST file. xxxxxxx. If you have Outlook 2000 or earlier versions installed, please make sure it is installed in the Corporate or Workgroup mode. For Outlook 2002 and later versions, please make sure Exchange Server components are not installed on the current computer. You may also refer to the faq in the help document for the detailed information.". How to solve this issue?
This error occurs when the MAPI subsystem on your computer is not installed or configured...
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Which type of Outlook personal folder(.pst) files can DataNumen Outlook Repair repair?
DataNumen Outlook Repair supports to repair Personal folder(.pst) files generated by Microsoft...
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Why the bodies of some recovered messages are empty?
When using DataNumen Outlook Repair and DataNumen Exchange Recovery, sometimes you may find the...
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