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DDBFR repairs the DBF file successfully, but why I still cannot open the fixed DBF file?
There are three possibilities for this situation, as follows:   · Your DBF file is created by one...
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Does DataNumen DBF Repair support to repair a DBF file with memo or binary data fields?
Yes, DataNumen DBF Repair supports to repair a DBF file with memo or binary data fields. As for...
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How to order the full version of DataNumen DBF Repair?
The demo version will show you a report containing all the recovered records, but it will not...
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I failed to repair my DBF file with DataNumen DBF Repair, why?
Contact with our technical support: support@datanumen.com . If possible, please also save the...
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The demo version doesn't generate a fixed file. How can I know whether it can repair my file successfully?
Although the demo version doesn't generate a fixed file, it can repair your file and report all...
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What happens after I send in the order?
In general, you can download the full version of DDBFR immediately after sending the online order...
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What's DataNumen DBF Repair?
DataNumen DBF Repair (DDBFR) (formerly Advanced DBF Repair) is a powerful tool to repair corrupt...
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Which types of DBF files can DataNumen DBF Repair repair?
DataNumen DBF Repair (DDBFR) supports all versions of DBF format, including dBASE, FoxBase,...
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Why many of the date fields in the repaired database are set to 1900-01-01?
If date fields in the original database are invalid, DataNumen DBF Repair will reset them to a...
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