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How to determine whether DZIPR can repair my Zip file successfully, according to the results generated by the demo version?
Please just use the demo version to repair your Zip archive normally in "Repair" tab. If it can...
Views: 1084
How to order the full version of DataNumen Zip Repair?
The demo version will show a report of all the recoverable items in the Zip archive, but will not...
Views: 1007
How to repair a spanned zip file?
To repair spanned zip files(assume the file name is 'myspan.zip'), please do as follows:      1....
Views: 1157
How to repair a split zip file?
The internal data and structures of split Zip files are identical to those of spanned Zip files....
Views: 1574
I failed to repair my Zip file with DataNumen Zip Repair, why?
Contact our technical support: support@datanumen.com . If possible, please also save the repair...
Views: 996
The fixed Zip file still has errors when I try to extract it, why?
If Zip data are corrupted partially, different applications, such as DZIPR and WinZip may...
Views: 1061
What happens after I send in the order?
In general, you can download the full version of DZIPR immediately after sending the online order...
Views: 956
What's DataNumen Zip Repair?
DataNumen Zip Repair(DZIPR) (formerly Advanced Zip Repair) is a powerful tool to repair corrupt...
Views: 1018
Which type of ZIP and SFX can DataNumen Zip Repair repair?
DataNumen Zip Repair(DZIPR) supports all versions of Zip format (up to ZIP File Format...
Views: 1051