What is the difference between DataNumen Outlook Repair and DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery?

The only difference between these two products is that they use different source data, as follows:

   · DataNumen Outlook Repair(DOLKR) takes a corrupt or damaged PST file as the source data.


   · DataNumen Outlook Drive Recovery(DODR) takes a drive or disk as the source data. The drive or disk is the place where you have stored your PST files in the past.

So if you have a corrupt or damaged PST file in hand, then you can use DOLKR to repair the file and recover the emails inside the PST file. If DOLKR fails to recover the wanted emails, then you still have the chance to get these emails, by using DODR to scan the drive/disk where you have stored the PST file in the past.

Or if you do not have a PST file in hand, for example, you format your whole disk/drive, you permanently remove the PST file, or your hard disk/drive is broken and you cannot access the PST files on it, etc., then you can use DODR directly.
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