Why the bodies of some recovered messages are empty?

When using DataNumen Outlook Repair and DataNumen Exchange Recovery, sometimes you may find the bodies of the recovered messages are empty.

There are many reasons that will cause the problem:

1. Some anti-virus program may cause the problem. For example, we have received report from customers that Eset will cause the problem.
Solution: Just disable the anti-virus program and try the recovery again.

2. If the destination PST file format is in old Outlook 97-2002 format, then since the old format has a 2GB size limitation, whenever the recovered data reach this limit, the recovered message will become empty.
Solution: Change the desitnation PST file format to new Outlook 2003-2016 format instead of old Outlook 97-2002 format. The new format does not has a 2GB size limtation so will solve the problem.

3. If your source PST or OST file is badly corrupt and the data of the message bodies are lost permanently, then you will see empty bodies in some of the recovered messages.
Solution: Since the data are lost permanently, there are no ways to recover them any more.

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