How to repair a spanned DBF file?

To repair spanned DBF files(assume the file name is 'myspan.DBF'), please do as follows:

      1. Start DataNumen Oracle Recovery and click "Repair Spanned/Split File" tab.
      2. Click "Add A Part" button to add myspan.DBF on the first DBF disk to the list.
      3. Click "Add A Part" button to add myspan.DBF on the second DBF disk to the list.
      4. Repeat step 3 until myspan.DBF on all the DBF disks have been added into the list. Please note you must preserve the order of the parts when adding them to the list. That is, you need to first add myspan.DBF on the first disk, then the one on the second disk, and so on. If one part is missed or corrupt, then you can just ignore it and continue with the next one.
      5. After myspan.DBF on all the DBF disks have been added, specify the fixed file name in "Output fixed file as:" text box, for example, myspan_fixed.DBF.
      6. Click "Start Repair" button to start the repair process.
      7. After the repair process, a new fixed file named myspan_fixed.DBF is generated, which contains the data of all parts of the spanned file. You can open it with popular DBF utilities, such as WinZip, WinRAR, etc.
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