What are dbx files? Where can I find these files?

All of your Outlook Express 5/6 mail folders and emails, and all of your subscribed newsgroups and messages are stored in one directory, called the store root directory, which can be determined by selecting "Tools| Options| Maintenance| Store folder" in OE.

Under store root directory, you can find several .dbx file. The 'Folders.dbx' file is the master index of the entire store, which stores the tree structure of the mail folders and additional information. The 'Offline.dbx' file stores IMAP and Hotmail actions, if you have an IMAP or Hotmail account. The 'Pop3uidl.dbx' file keeps track of messages left on a POP3 mail server.

All remaining .dbx files correspond to Outlook Express folders with the same name. For example, Inbox.dbx corresponds to your inbox folder in OE and MyFolder.dbx corresponds to 'MyFolder' folder in OE. You can also find the full path of the dbx file corresponding to a OE folder by right-clicking that folder in OE and then clicking "Properties".

The actual emails of a Outlook Express folder are stored in its corresponding dbx file.

Therefore, if you accidentally delete an email in an Outlook Express folder called 'MyFolder', then you should find the file 'MyFolder.dbx', use DataNumen Outlook Express Undelete to recover the deleted email from it, and then import the recovered email back into Outlook Express.

Note: If you cannot even start Outlook Express, then you can use the "Search" function in Windows to find the .dbx files, as follows:
1. Click "Start" menu
2. Click "Search" menu item and then "For Files and Folders"
3. Input *.dbx as the search criterion.
4. Click "Search Now" to find all .dbx files on your local disk.
5. In "Search Results", recover email from the corresponding dbx files with DataNumen Outlook Express Undelete.
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