Does DataNumen DBF Repair support to repair a DBF file with memo or binary data fields?

Yes, DataNumen DBF Repair supports to repair a DBF file with memo or binary data fields. As for such a file, the data of the memo or binary fields are stored in a file with the same name as the DBF file but a DBT(for dBASE and FoxBASE) or FPT(for FoxPro and Visual FoxPro) extension. For example, the data of the memo fields in 'MyDatabase.DBF' are stored in an external file called 'MyDatabase.DBT' if it is created by dBASE or FoxBASE, or 'MyDatabase.FPT' if created by FoxPro or Visual FoxPro.

Therefore, before repairing a DBF file with memo or binary data fields, you should put the corresponding DBT or FPT file in the same directory as the source DBF file. And after the reparation, DataNumen DBF Repair will output a fixed DBF file as well as its accompanying DBT or FPT file. For example, if you want to repair MyDatabase.DBF located at directory C:\MyFiles\, then before reparation, you should copy MyDatabase.DBT or MyDatabase.FPT to C:\MyFiles\ unless such a file already exists there(In fact, this will be the most general case). Then you can specify MyDatabase.DBF as the source DBF file to be repaired and click "Repair" button.

After the reparation, DataNumen DBF Repair will generate two files, MyDatabase_fixed.DBF and its accompanying file MyDatabase_fixed.DBT or MyDatabase_fixed.FPT.
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