Years of Work Saved with SQL Data Recovery

computer data diskIt has taken years of hard work to compile your database that you have come to rely on for your day-to-day operations. These days, databases are available on a web-based cloud-ready platform allowing you and your employees access to the information from any place and at any time with nothing more than a browser.


SQL coding provides the framework for the storage and accessibility of many database files. The integrity of the database is dependent on critical security measures that protect your valuable information. Your database is priceless and you can’t imagine losing everything in a matter of minutes.


Unfortunately, today’s computer world is rife with malware and code errors that are maliciously distributed through what seems like innocent means. Controlling these intrusions is necessary to maintain your data along with the responsiveness and effectiveness that you have come to expect with SQL coding. Fortunately, if an intrusion is experienced there are ways of repairing SQL coding.


DataNumen has been providing recovery solutions for any number of software programs for over a decade. SQL data recovery is at the top of any recovery shopping list as any of our Fortune 500 clients around the world will attest to.


SQL recovery programs have many benefits such as:


  • support of SQL servers 2005, 2008, 2008R and 2012
  • recovery of the structure and data contained in the tables
  • recovery of all data types with the exception of XML type
  • recovery of sparse column and deleted files
  • the ability to retrieve multiple files including MDF file and its associated NDF files
  • repairs of MDF files found on floppy disks, CDRoms, zip disks and any other corrupt media
  • the ability to repair a ‘batch’ of MDF files
  • supports drag and drop operation and command line parameters
  • integrates with Windows shell so repairs can be made to an MDF file with the context menu in Explorer


DataNumen has taken an innovative approach to creating programs to accommodate SQL repair quickly and easily. Check out our SQL recovery demo download to see how our product performs and rest easy knowing that your purchase is backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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