Working with Views in Ms Outlook

If you are frequent user of the Outlook reading_pane_1application you may often thought of arranging your emails or tasks in a manner which suits your liking. In some case the idea to customize the layout may have originated out of a specific need such as at looking at the overdue tasks while at times you may have felt the aesthetic need of adjusting your reading pane. The Outlook email client is without a doubt a very versatile application and can be customized to view your emails and other contents as per your wish. In this article we would give you a quick low down on how you can achieve the same. Further we will also introduce you to customizations that you can make on the toolbars with effortless ease.


  • Customizing Views

Now if you are contemplating about creating a custom view from ground up then you need to put in some effort. To start with you would have to go Current View which comes under the View menu. Next you select the Define View option and hit on New. Then you need select the view type as per your preference in the Type of the view field. Once you have selected your view type just assign it to place of your choice and proceed. Once the Customize View option comes up, just choose the options as per your preference. Once you are set click on Apply View to execute the view on the chosen location.


  • Adjusting Toolbars and Menus

While views can help you manage the layout, you may also experience the need of tailoring the menus and toolbar options. To do so, just click on Tools and then go to Customize. When the relevant Window opens up, visit the Options tab make your choices on displaying the full menu or adjusting the icons. Under the toolbar tab you get the choice to display the toolbars of your preference. You can also visit the Commands tab and individually select which command you wish to display on the toolbar. You can even rearrange the order in which the commands appear in the toolbar as per your choice. The interface for rearranging the commands in the toolbar is extremely interactive and you can immediately get a preview of how the change would look like. You can make changes to the primary Menu bar too and in case you mess up, it has reset button to get everything back as before.


  • PST File Errors can risk all your Outlook data

Despite its outstanding features, the Outlook application remains quite susceptible to errors cropping up in its underlying .pst files. Whenever you encounter such an error you should immediately try to retrieve your data by using a proficient pst recovery tool such as the DataNumen Outlook repair. While other recovery tools are primarily concerned about extracting emails, this exceptional product is capable of digging out all data constituents such as journals, contacts etc. Moreover it works beautifully with Windows 8 including the 64 bit version of the OS.


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