Working with Priority Options while sending Email in Outlook

Most Outlook thusers typically receive a lot of emails in a day and this is likely to be true for you and others whom you send out emails too. Yet it is but natural for you to believe that the emails you send out to others be checked at the earliest possible time. However due to time constraints this may not be always be possible and at times you may wonder if a recipient of your email actually saw it. Well there are several ways in which you can assign a priority to an email that you send out through Outlook and gain the attention of the recipient. In this article we would explore such options in detail.


Setting the Priority Options of an Outlook Email Message

  1. Launch the Outlook email application and click on a New Email tab
  2. Next click on Options or click the Option icon, depending on the iteration of Outlook you are using
  3. When the Message Option window opens up before you, choose the settings for both Importance and Sensitivity
  4. Ideally you should choose the High option if you want the recipient to read it at the earliest.

When you send an email, you can also assign the High priority to it by just clicking on the red exclamation mark that appears in the top pane of the message window.


Add a Read Receipt Request on the Email

In case of official emails you can send a read receipt request to the sender, if you wish to confirm that he has received and read the email. However the recipient has the choice to either honor or reject the request.


Adding a Reminder Flag for Recipients

In case you really need an email to be responded, you can add a Follow up Flag for Recipients. Moreover you can even choose to add a reminder to that message. Once an user receives this email and has not acted on it, a reminder will come up on the scheduled follow up date.


Protecting the Emails Stored in your Inbox during an Outlook Crash

In the unfortunate event of an Outlook crash occurring in your system, you should immediately consider the idea of protecting your emails stored in the Inbox. To start with, you should attempt to recover the emails by using an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair without wasting any time. This quick and incisive tool can drag out every possible data detail that has been stored in the Outlook client in perfect shape. Now if you were using the Business Contact Manager feature in Outlook, you would be worried about the lead data and dashboards stored in it. Thankfully the application can bring them back too along with any templates or calendars that you have created. Even if you had kept the files on a virtual drive which toppled over, the application recovers your PST data without much ado.


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