Working with Notes in Ms Outlook

Imagine a business environment even just three imagesdecades back where most work in offices was done on paper. Computers were only found in large enterprises and were used for limited functions. For jotting down everything you just needed to take notes on paper. Now with computers, Smartphones and PDAs proliferating nearly corner of the industrialized world, taking notes on paper have become passé. However we still experience the need to write down small nuggets of information and you may use your Word processor tool or a PDA note tool for same. However this unstructured information storage can cause hassles as you may not remember where you stored a piece of data after a given time frame. However if use the Outlook client for taking notes you not only be able to access them anytime and can share them with ease too.


  • Using Notes In Outlook

While different versions of Outlook may present the note feature with certain salient changes, it core features more or less has remained same. To start with you need to visit the Go tab in the top file menu and click on Notes. Once the Notes section opens up you would find on your left pane, a bunch of options to view notes like by Category or color.

To create a new note just click on the New button and small note text box would come into the picture. You can choose the color of the note for quick recall and same it as per your choice. All the notes you create are show as small note file icons in the main pane. You can assign a category to a note or mark contacts on to it. Further you can share a note with your other office colleagues using the exchange tool. Further you can simply forward the note directly to anyone you like and the note appears as attachment in the email body.


  • PST file corruption can put you Notes at risk

While Outlook Notes feature in unique suited to store information, any corruption in the underlying .pst file can put the data at risk. If you ever experience a PST file error we would suggest that you get the best outlook repair tool in town namely the DataNumen Outlook repair application. Given its capacity to extract every Outlook data element and email format, the tool can get back your valuable notes and other data in a short time frame. Moreover the application works with nearly all Outlook iterations and offers the best performance in its class. It is capable of bringing out the data contained in email attachments or embedded elements such as Excel tables etc. Further its one of the few PST recovery tools that can work on 64 bit Windows OS. Incidentally if you are using an old version of the Ms Outlook client and if your file got corrupted due to large size; just use the DataNumen Outlook repair application to repair the file and even split it up into parts so that you can put them back in your Outlook client.


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