Working with folders in Ms Outlook – Innovative ideas to Consider

For those of us thwho use the Ms Outlook client to access both official and personal emails, the need to tackle the huge amount emails entering the Inbox is a huge challenge. Now when you attempt to organize your emails, the first thing that enters your mind involves creating folders where you can store certain emails. Typical folders that we create include ones made per client names or projects, folders for financial data or invoices and other of their ilk. However if you really wish to get more out of the Outlook application, you should start thinking of innovative ways to work with folders.


Create folders with Action names

While sorting through the email, you often leave a bunch of emails behind that you plan to deal with it at a later date. Similarly there may be important emails that you wish to delegate to different individual. In both cases if you create folders with action names such as To-Do, or Delegate, it can go a long way in keeping you aware of the tasks that you need to take up.


Subfolders need to be thought out

In Outlook you can create a folder under another folder. For example you can have folders for different projects under a folder for a specific client. Now the process of creating subfolders should not be random. Instead you should create a naming convention and as far as possible stick to it.


Choose the appropriate view for a important folder

In order to get more from a folder, you should customize the view for every important folder that you have created. For example if you have a folder created for a certain client it would be prudent for you to choose the Group by Conversation topic for the initial view. To do so you need to first right click on a folder and move to Properties.  When the Properties screen shows up, head to the Administration tab and select Group by Conversation from the drop down list that appears with the Initial view option.


Adding Forms to Specific Folders

In Outlook it is possible to associate forms that you have created with a specific folder. Using the Form Manager tool that can be accessed from the Properties screen, you can assign any form you wish with the folder.


An Outlook Crash can Spell Doom for your data

While some application crashes are benign, an Outlook crash occurring due to a PST error can spell doom for your data. In one shot, everything from emails to calendars can disappear before your eyes and you would be left clutching at the straws. In many cases standard repair techniques like calling in the Inbox Repair tool will not work. Thus you should ideally get hold of the best pst recovery tool in vogue today; the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair application. It has both the finesse to recover every data element without messing its integrity and the power to deal with gigantic PST files running into numerous gigabytes.


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