Working with Categories in Ms Outlook – the Basics

As the pressure of work keeps mounting, the 10-Key-Sustainable-Building-Categorieschallenge to organize all the information that we regularly receive too increases. Often while working on projects or with multiple clients you would have experienced the need to organize all emails related to them in an easily accessible manner. However creating separate folders and transferring emails manually does not really look like an effectual solution. Well there is much easy way to organize emails in Outlook with the help of categories. Just mark emails related to specific subject with a category name and you can dig them out with a simple search. In fact apart emails you can assign categories to tasks, journal entries and even the notes you keep in the Outlook client.


Understanding Categories and Using them to our advantage

Essentially categories are nothing but a set of words or keyword that you use to distinctively mark items as per your need. You can either create a Master category list or dynamically create categories as and when you experience a need. The easiest way to assign a category to an email involves right clicking on the email and click categories. You can then choose a category from the list of Available Categories or add a fresh one by clicking on the Master Category list. Once the window for creating a New Category opens up, just type the category name and click on the Add button. Now in case you wish to find an email that you had assigned under a specific category, just use the Advanced Find feature and look under the specific category in the More Choices tab.

Interestingly you can add more than one category to a specific email. Thus a specific communication can be part two different projects which would not have been possible by using folders. Moreover you can view your tasks by their category. In most current Outlook iterations you also get the chance to create color categories which can easily identified in a table view. To create such a color embedded category just visit Categorize icon on the message toolbar and assign the color of your choice. Moreover the Outlook client even gives you the flexibility to allocate a shortcut to a specific color category. Another innovative concept is the capacity to create a Category search folder to organize items for a specific category in quick time.


An Outlook crash can jeopardize your data including the Category list

While the utility of categories is quite apparent, the effort you put in creating them and organizing emails may go in vain in case of an Outlook crash. Corrupted PST files are often a major source of outlook crashes and in case you encounter such an issue we suggest that you get hold of DataNumen Outlook repair which invariably is the most effectual pst recovery tool available today. It can tackle even the most intricately compromised PST files which the Microsoft Inbox Repair tool fails to rectify and is extremely easy to use.


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