Working with Advanced Find in Outlook

For digging out specific items from a deluge of emails, one should use the Advanced Find option in Ms Outlook

Working with Advanced Find in Outlook

If you wish to widen the scope of your searches in MS Outlook, and then Advanced Find is just meant for you. It’s true that although, there are many search features already available in almost all the versions of MS Outlook but there is something unique about the Advanced Find feature. In spite of the fact that it is bit complicated to use when compared to Instant Search, the best thing is that it is more effective and definitely worth it for a more refined search in Outlook. Read on to learn how to work with Advanced Find in MS Outlook and understand its advantages.

Now, let us describe how this amazing feature called Advanced Find works in Outlook. Well, it actually searches through all the folders present within Outlook at once. Be it, the Task Folder, Email Folders, Calendars or Contacts Folder, with Advanced Find Feature on you can search for anything at once without wasting much time and efforts. Moreover, this feature enables you to search for any particular item on the basis of category, importance level or flag type. This is not all; you can also look for a specific word or phrase in all the fields with Advanced Find Feature.

It’s now time to explain you how to use Advanced Find in Outlook. So, for this you first need to go to the Instant Search Box and click on the Search Tab present on the Ribbon and press the Search Tools Option under the Options Group. When you see a list of options, you can then choose Advanced Find from that list and begin your search using a number of criteria including, a word or phrase, unread messages, messages to and from and many more.

It is important to note that Advanced Find Feature provides different options like Advanced for an advanced search by mentioning specific criteria. Then, there is the option of Messages to search for a specific phrase or word under who sent or received the message. There is also an option of More Choices to let you specify a particular category of item that you wish to search for and that also include attachments. In short, you just need to specify your search parameters and click on Find Now Option to fetch the best search results using the Advanced Find Feature. After this, Outlook will search the matching items and will display them at the bottom of the main dialog box. At last, you just need to click on Close Button, when you are satisfied with the results of the Advanced Find Feature.

A quick tip to use Advanced Find in Outlook is to press the shortcut key of CTRL + SHIFT + F and you get the power to search from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, if you wish to save the search results that you are free to do so and use them for later use with utmost ease. The best advantage of Advanced Find is that it makes searching faster and helps saving your efforts that otherwise might go wasted in searching for an item manually in Outlook.

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