How to Work with MS Access in a Cloud Computing Ecosystem

With Cloud computing making a big impact, it is but matter of time when companies would look to link Access databases to cloud solutions

MS Access In A Cloud Computing EcosystemTo be able to compete with all recent applications, Microsoft finally allowed support for Cloud support in MS Access, in the 2010 edition. The earlier editions of the application did not support Cloud storage, but with the most recent editions of the application, you can now store Access data on Azure cloud and even link it with SQL Server. Cloud storage today is one of the most preferred and the most recent forms of data storage. A lot of cloud storage platforms today provide very safe storage platforms to users. While storing data on cloud, you do not have to be afraid for the security of your data, provided you are using reliable cloud storage platforms.

SQL AzureMS Access databases are the starting level databases whereas SQL Server databases are enterprise level databases. One often begins by using MS Access and later switches to SQL Server. While switching to SQL Server, you can now retain your data stored in Access databases by storing these databases in Azure cloud. Linking you Access databases with SQL databases for storing them on Azure cloud is very easy, and can be done by following these simple steps.

  1. Open an account on Azure and create SQL Azure Database.
  2. You will now have to install SQL Server Management Studio for your SQL Server databases. It is recommended to install the latest version, but if you install the 2012 or the 2008 R2 version, it will work well.
  3. Make use of the ODBC Administration tools for creating files which contain connections to SQL Databases present in Azure cloud.
  4. Make use of ODBC connection for linking your Access database (any edition) to the SQL Azure data

Access users have full reason to rejoice, now that their databases can be stored on Azure cloud. Support for Cloud computing is something from which the whole organization can gain benefit. As mentioned earlier, cloud storage today is the most recent form of storage. It rids you of the problem of continuously expanding disk storage and spending more on hardware. Now you can save yourself from the trouble of increasing disk storage and getting better hardware, because now you can make use of cloud storage as both your primary and secondary storage space. For applications like MS Access and SQL Server, cloud storage is all the more important, due to large databases.

Many users are still skeptical of using cloud storage as their primary storage platform. This skepticism stems from the fact that data on cloud is basically stored on a common server, same for multiple other users. As a modern user, it is important for you to know that storing data on cloud is as safe and unsafe as storing data on any other platform. If you store data on cloud, you will be given access to a specific amount of storage space, to which no other user will have access to. Much like it happens in disk storage. Further top of the line repair accdb tools can handle incidents of data corruption occurring Access databases stored on the cloud.

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