Will System Update Cause Data Losses in Smartphone?

Before upgrading your smartphone system, many users tend to worry about if their data will get lost. If you have the same concern, you can read this article. Here we will discuss about this question in detail.

When realizing that there is a newer version of smartphone system, most users tend to upgrade the system. It’s because that the latest system generally does not contain the bugs that the older version has. Also, it will provide users with many additional excellent features. However, before doing it, a majority of users would fear that their smartphone data will be impacted, corrupt or even lost thoroughly, such as lost contacts, text messages and photos, etc. Thereinafter, we’ll delve into this issue and tell you an exact answer.

Will System Update Cause Data Losses in Smartphone?

Commonly Won’t

In most of normal situations, updating your smartphone system will not lead to data losses as long as you perform it by following the manufacturer’s wizards properly. However, if something goes wrong or you do this improperly, data loss may occur.

There Are Still Exceptions:

1. Incompatibility

If you upgrade the system after you receive the reminders about system updates from the manufacturer, the phone data will not be lost, in that in this case your phone must be compatible with the new system. But, if you attempt to upgrade your phone from external sources or to root your phone, there is a chance that your phone and the system may be incompatible with each other. At that point, you will surely be subject to data loss.

2. Lack Storage Space

In addition, no matter downloading system file or installing system, both of them demands large storage space. Therefore, if your phone’s internal memory doesn’t have enough free storage space, even though you can download the system file successfully, the installation process would be prone to fail. At that time, it is very likely that you would experience data loss.

3. Sudden Power Off

Similar to the above one, consistent power supply is also a matter of necessity in system update on smartphone. Normally, updating system will take a pretty long time, which demands sufficient power supply. Hence, if you force to update your phone system in case of low phone battery, update tends to fail, thereby causing data losses.


Based on mentioned above, before updating your smartphone system, no matter iOS, Android or Windows, you should make some preventions. For instance, you ought to make backup for your phone, similar to backing up PST file to block PST corruption on computers.

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