Will Solid State Drive Completely Replace Hard Disk Drive in the Near Future?

With the advent and popularization of solid state drive, many users wonder if solid state drive will completely replace mechanical hard disk drive. This post will discuss about this issue in detail.

In the earlier days, when it comes to data storage, hard disk drive will definitely occur to our minds in the first place. However, in the recent years, more and more diversified data storage media are emerging and preferred by users, particularly the solid state drive.

Solid state drive is faster than the traditional hard disk drive. Also, due to the fact that it doesn’t consist of moving components, it can be immune from mechanical issues. Thus, in some degrees, it is a bit more reliable. Therefore, mounting users begin to consider solid state drive when selecting a data storage device. In such a case, many people start to suspect that solid state drive will thoroughly replace hard disk drive in the near future. However, as far as I’m concerned, it won’t. Now, in the followings, I will share my points of view in detail.

Will Solid State Drive Completely Replace Hard Disk Drive in the Near Future

SSD Still Has Many Disadvantages

Many users choose solid state drive mainly due to its better performance and as it can get exempt from mechanical damage. Although it has so many advantages, it doesn’t mean that it is flawless. It still can fail, get corrupt and degrade as well. As long as it fails, of course, the internal data will suffer too, like corrupt Outlook file. Also, it has a limitation in the write/read cycles. Therefore, like the hard disk drive, solid state drive has disadvantages, too.

From the Perspective of Price

Moreover, compared to hard disk drive, solid state drive is much more expensive. More specifically, usually, the solid state drive with low storage capacity, ranging from 32 GB to 240 GB, is affordable. However, higher-storage-capacity solid state drive is pretty costly. Though with its development, its price is lowering. However, in contrast, hard disk drive is much cheaper.

SSD Is More Suggested as System Drive

As we all know, it is faster speed that makes solid state drive to earn lots of kudos. Therefore, from this perspective, it is always recommended to utilize a solid state drive as a system drive in a computer, which can greatly improve the computer’s performance. It is not suggested to use it for data storage, especially for long term data storage.

Hybrid Hard Drive

Nowadays, in order to gain the advantages of both solid state drive and hard disk drive, hybrid hard drive comes into being. Such drive contains a certain amount of solid state storage, so it works much faster than the standard hard disk drive. In addition, in comparison to the solid state drive, hybrid hard drive is also much cheaper since it only has a smaller amount of solid state storage. Hence, with this kind of drive, solid state drive will not take up the entire market share.

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