Why the Inbox Repair Tool May not be your Best Choice to deal with PST Errors

It has often been noticed that the Inbox Repair Tool or ScanPST.exe is often unable to negotiated tricky PST errors and at times is known to hang up while dealing with large files.

Why the Inbox Repair Tool May not be your Best Choice to deal with PST Errors

Over its illustrious history the Ms Outlook application has made its way into countless computers across the world and is without a shred of doubt the most widely used and equally cherished desktop email client in vogue today. At the same time its rather peculiar susceptibility to PST errors hangs over like a Damocles’ sword over Outlook users. With an eye on increasing the reliability of the Outlook application, Microsoft packs in a recovery tool called ScanPst.exe, also known as the Inbox Repair Tool, with the office package. Now since the tool is available for free and is already there, it becomes a standard choice for many when they encounter a PST error. However the Inbox Repair Tool is far from perfect and is known to underperform in many cases. Let’s look at why it may not be the right choice, in case you encounter a PST error.

Inbox Repair Tool is often ineffective against an extensive incident of data corruption

A large number of PST errors, especially which include incidents of extensive data corruption are simply beyond the scope of the Inbox Repair Tool. You may find the application hanging up during the recovery process and end up wasting your valuable time.

The tool claims to recover data but the recovered file does not open properly

In some cases, the ScanPst.exe would complete the recovery process and state that all the contents have been recovered. However when you attempt to open the file in a normal fashion in Outlook, it does not work. Not only does this lead to a waste of time, it may possibly risk the data present in the compromised PST file.

A Specialized Recovery Tool is Undoubtedly the Best Solution

Hindsight can literally be merciless in case of a PST crash. A lot of Outlook users have tried to extract their compromised data with the help of the Inbox Repair Tool and have got very poor results. In some cases, some users could not even recover any worthwhile data and had to bemoan the loss of their entire email repository. Thus the only prudent approach for dealing with a PST error involves using a specialized outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. Powered by a class leading recovery algorithm, the tool is capable of dealing with nearly any extent of corruption in a PST file and consistently gives stellar results. The tool incidentally is designed to handle the recovery of several PST files at one go. Even if your backup email files get corrupted, the tool can come to your rescue as it can recover data from an optical disc or a removable flash media disk with equal aplomb. If that was not all, the application fulfills several housekeeping tasks like breaking a large file into parts or segregating emails into separate PST files by their date.

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