Why Multimedia Files Cannot be Compressed by a Significant Degree

The zip format typically allows us to compress most file types in an effective manner thus reducing the amount of space needed for storing those files. While file formats such as text or word documents tend compress significantly some file formats, especially multimedia files do not seem to compress by any notable degree.

What makes multimedia files difficult to compress

Most multimedia files like MP3, AVI or JPG tend to already exist in a significantly compressed state. The fact that they are already compressed does not allow them to be further compressed by a great value when you zip them. However not all multimedia files seem to display this behavior and formats such as BMP can be compressed by a large extent.


Key tips to compress multimedia files

In case you are looking to compress multimedia files, you need to get hold of the latest versions of an advance zip creation tool. WinZip version 12 or above may just serve your cause as it comes with sophisticated compression methods that allows you to compress such files effectively. Once you select the multimedia files you want to compress you need to choose the Best Compression method option in WinZip. When you choose this method, WinZip would apply the most effective compression technique based on the file type and compress the file as much as possible. Also the output file would be available in the .zipx format instead of the standard .zip format. In other words in case you send these files to someone, he too would need the latest version of WinZip (version 12 or above) to open the zip file. It is important to note that the best compression method works very well with a variety of image formats including jpeg and reduce the file size by nearly one fourth.

While you may choose to compress your multimedia files using the best compression method, you need to understand the same may not be compatible with all systems. In such a situation, the data contained in them can get inaccessible and you may need to perform a zip recovery. One of the best recovery tools that you can find today is the DataNumen Zip repair application which can also effectively repair corrupted .zipx files in quick time.  With this sophisticated  zip repair tool you can recover nearly every corrupted zip file without much effort. The application extends support for batch repair of zip files while it can also recover data from large zip file. Overall if you use zip files for backup keeping a copy of DataNumen Zip repair can save you from any issues that you experience while working zip files.


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