Why Microsoft Has Not Advanced Its MS Outlook Repair Tool

Microsoft Office Outlook, as the name suggestimagess, is a Microsoft Inc. program that is used for emailing and other pertinent information management activities such as scheduling tasks, storing contacts, posting calendars, storing notes and numerous other features. It’s broadly used by individuals, companies, Non Governmental Organizations, Government Agencies, among other entities.

It’s no secret, though, that MS Outlook has been unsparingly criticized because of challenges that users face, particularly with the PST files, which are the primary storage files for the program. The problems are as diverse as the features of the program. The main reason why there has been a grave concern among MS Outlook users is due to the fact that all localized email content are packed up in the PST files with references, and in a structure that can be easily read and beautifully displayed by the program.

Even though users didn’t lament so much back in the days when Outlook debuted, users have gradually lambasted Microsoft for not appending much significance to the development of a PST repair tool. The program’s in-built PST file repair tool, Scanpst.exe, has frequently been termed as ‘crude’ by many. Why? This tool doesn’t solve complex PST problems and mainly repairs the mailbox. There is also limited improvements being released, a factor that has drawn a pool of independent developers to come up with third party programs.


why has Microsoft not given much importance to this recovery tool?

So, why has Microsoft not given much importance to this recovery tool? Could it be that they haven’t just been able to come up with a more elaborate Outlook recovery tool? It’s highly improbable that Microsoft, such a multinational company would lack the capacity to develop a tool that many developers have been able to come up with, especially for their own product.

The fact behind this dalliance is the focus given to the development of the program itself in order to make it more stable and less susceptible to external attacks. While many developers are working tirelessly to come up with more powerful repair tools, Microsoft is working so hard to make MS Outlook highly resistant to attacks and corruption by either internal code errors or intrusion by other external elements.

In fact, that’s why Microsoft has been releasing several updates for this office suit component. Users who frequently install MS Outlook updates relish in better management experience that is more stable and secure. The release of MS Outlook upgrades has also been synonymous with enhanced performance. Undeniably, there are many third party Outlook recovery tools that have saved people of potential permanent data loss or leakage, resulting from malicious software attack. These programs have enabled users to recover information that would otherwise be forgotten.

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