Why it makes sense to keep the Inbox light and organized

In an age where you would end up receiving emails imagesfor nearly every aspect of your life, your email Inbox can only grow in size. Typically in your Outlook mail client a plethora of emails land up with every passing day. Much of these emails may be important but even then after a period of time you may not need to revisit them on a regular basis. However the very presence of large amount of emails in your inbox makes it bloated and makes it prone to errors. Further the search for any specific message in the mail body may take endless minutes if you have thousands of emails in your Inbox. Thus it makes great sense for you to regularly clean up your Outlook inbox.


  • How to reduce the size of your Inbox

One of the easiest ways to reduce the size of the Outlook inbox involves transferring the contents of the inbox to another folder. To do so you just need to select the emails you wish to transfer and click on the Move to Folder option under the Edit tab. In next Move items screen, select the folder to which you wish to transfer the data and proceed. You can even create a new folder and transfer the data into the same.

You can also use the Mailbox cleanup option to manage your inbox. It gives you a quick view of the mailbox size and file details. You can access the Mailbox cleanup option under the Tools tab and then use its option to search files over a certain size and heritage. Once those files are found you can move them to a different folder. From the Cleanup screen you can also set the AutoArchive option to archive emails older than a certain date. You can also use the tool to delete duplicate emails and it even gives you the size details of the conflicting files.

Apart from reducing the size of the Inbox you can use proactive measures to limit the number of emails landing in your Inbox. Using custom spam settings and utilizing rules to transfer specific kinds of emails to a different folder goes a long way in keeping your inbox lean and in shape.


  • What if your inbox gets corrupted?

It is quite common to come across Outlook users who found out that their Inbox has got corrupted due to a .pst error. In older Outlook versions, the moment the 2GB size limit was reached the Inbox would fail to load. Even with the current Outlook versions, the susceptibility of .pst files remains and thus it is advisable to keep an outlook repair tool at hand. Ideally you should go for a tool which can help you get back your data irrespective of file size and format and the DataNumen Outlook repair completely meets these requirements. Boasting of an extensive feature set, this sophisticated utility can dig out all the emails from a corrupted .pst file and can even deliver where the Microsoft Inbox Repair tool fails to work.


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