Why Is Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Sensitive and Vulnerable?

Maybe you have heard a lot of suggestions about handling hard drive with care. It’s because that hard disk drive is sensitive and vulnerable. Anything wrong occurring to HDD can directly result in drive damage and data loss. Now, this article will lead you to further learn HDD’s vulnerability.

Though solid state drive earns a lot of kudos at present, hard disk drive (HDD) is still the most widely-used data storage media due to its cost-effectiveness. Yet, in fact, hard drive is sensitive and vulnerable. In other words, you have to treat your hard drive with the best care. Otherwise, it could get damaged at any time. At that time, your drive data will be corrupt and lost, like damaged Outlook data. In the followings, we will tell you why HDD is so susceptible to corruption.

Why Is Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Sensitive and Vulnerable?

1. Fast Spinning in Working

When a hard disk drive works, its platters spin at a considerably fast rate. Usually, the platters spin from 3,600 – 15,000 revolutions per minute. As we all know, if a thing that is working incredibly fast is moved or handled violently, it may start to be unbalanced and prone to corruption. The same holds true for hard drive. Thus, if your hard drive is working, you had better not move it drastically, should never drop or shake it and prevent powering it off suddenly. Otherwise, the drive tends to be corrupt.

2. Moving Components

It is known that hard disk drive consists of mechanical components, such as the heads, platters, spindle motors and so on. Thereby, even though nowadays, most hard disk drives are designed and manufactured with capability of being more resilient to bumps than before, they are still sensitive to impact due to its moving parts. An accidental and slight drop, shake or dump can permanently destroy a hard drive readily.

3. Head Crashes

In addition, due to the fact that the hard drive actually stores data magnetically in the shiny platters, to prevent drive data loss, safeguarding hard drive platters is undoubtedly pretty important. Nevertheless, in reality, things tend to go contrary to one’s wishes. Inside the HDD, there is a read/write head, which is at the end of arm, responsible for reading and writing drive data. The head does not get in touch with the platter, but it actually hovers above the platter. If a dust or residue left over on the platter, it would touch the heads. And then scratch is created on the platters. With more and more scratches, the drive would surely fail one day.

4. Wear and Tear

Last but not least, it is worthy of mentioning wear and tear in hard disk drive. To be specific, with regular use, hard drive components will wear out over time and the drive will eventually fail. That is to say, hard drive has its limited lifespan. As it reaches the limit, you will be subject to hard drive failures absolutely. In short, no hard disk drive is fail proof.

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