Why Blocking Every Email Address from which you receive Spam can be counterproductive

In this article we would understand why blocking every other email address that sends you a spam email is overkill and it can reduce the efficiency of the Outlook application.

Why Blocking Every Email Address from which you receive Spam can be counterproductive

The fight for keeping your Inbox clean from spam emails can be rather arduous and you may end up blocking several email IDs, in order to avoid spam. Some Outlook users like to block every email ID from which they receive a spam email. Now if you are working in an Exchange environment, you may suddenly receive a message mentioning that you have finished your limit of adding blocked senders. Even without such a warning you should know that a large blocked sender list is likely to slow down processing and hamper the efficiency of the Outlook application. Besides adding every suspect email ID to the blocked list may not be the best approach.

Email IDs from Spammers tend to change so blocking every one of them is overkill

If you carefully note the email IDs from which you receive continuous spam emails, you would observe that the email IDs seem to be random generated. In other words much of these email IDs are bogus in nature and blocking them does not help at all. The next email from this spammer is likely to originate from supposedly new random email ID. Even the domain names such spammers use too happen to be fraudulent and so blocking entire domains too will not help the cause. The best way to block such emails involves creating rules to weed out common content themes carried in such emails. For example if you are getting spam from dubious online pharmacy stores, create rules to filter emails containing related keywords.

Learn which email IDs to block

Blocking of email IDs can be effective if you are looking to block marketing messages from genuine companies. Since such companies are likely to use a real email ID, you can choose to block them to avoid receiving emails from them in future. Also you should also unsubscribe any unwanted email messages that offer you the flexibility to do so.

A Light Email Inbox is the key behind a responsive Outlook application

If you wish the Outlook application perform optimally, search through emails in quick time, you should keep your email Inbox light. When you have few gigabytes of data stored in your Inbox, searching through them can take eons. So always make it a point to transfer data out of Inbox into other folders and archive old emails. A large Inbox can also cause a PST crash that can prove risky for the stored emails in Outlook. If you ever encounter a PST error, make it a point to run a pst recovery tool like the DataNumen Outlook Repair application to immediately get back your data. Besides helping you recover emails, the tool can be used to keep your Inbox in shape as it can break up a large Outlook data file in several parts based on the age of the emails contained in it.

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