What to Look for In an Email Recovery Tool

This article will make your search for an email recovery tool easier, by highlighting 4 key aspects to consider when comparing different email recovery solutions.

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful tool that allows you to handle your emails on your computer with ease. It also allows you to manage your work by scheduling events on the calendar. This application provides businesses with a convenient way for their employees to access their personalized company emails. Just like any other software, the PST file used by Outlook is susceptible to corruption. This can occur when the disk space allocated for the PST file is depleted.

DataNumen Outlook Repair

Moreover, virus attacks and improper shutdown of the MS Outlook program can damage PST files as well. While the MS Outlook comes with an inbuilt repair tool, it may fall short of repairing severely corrupted email files. In this case, you’ll need specialized tools to recover your emails.

Below are important aspects to consider when selecting a recovery tool for MS Outlook:

Proven Performance

There are lots of email restoration tools being advertised today. While every vendor claims to offer the best performing tool, it is wise to do an independent background check to confirm the performance of these tools before making a choice. Comparing how various tools perform in different scenarios gives you an idea of what to expect if you pick any.

One way to accomplish this is by finding out how popular a product is and its success rate in recovering corrupted email files. A good example is the DataNumen Outlook Repair tool. It has more than 10 million users in the world and the tool has recorded an impressive recovery rate of 95.70%. This makes it one of the best products in the market.


The cost of an email recovery tool is very important especially for institutions that might need licenses for multiple users. However, pricing should not be considered in isolation. Cheap solutions may not necessarily meet your requirements. Therefore, go for a product that not only comes at an affordable price but also empowers you to do more.

Compatibility with Operating Systems

Consider the compatibility of the recovery tool with your computer operating systems. The best tools in the market support multiple operating systems to meet the diverse needs of clients. Also, clients keep on upgrading their software needs. Therefore, acquire a recovery tool that will be fully compatible even after changing your operating system. This saves you a lot of unnecessary costs.

Supported Functions

As you choose an MS Outlook recovery tool, it is important to consider additional functions supported by the software. For instance, features such as the ability to recover emails in multiple formats such as plain text and HTML. Moreover, a good tool should allow you to recover both small and large PST files. It should also allow you to recover your emails with all the associated properties such as subject, mailing lists, calendar, scheduled events, and attachments. This ensures that no important details are left out especially if the tool is being used for forensic audits. Other features you will find useful in an email recovery tool include drag and drop functions for added flexibility as well as command prompt parameters.

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