What to Do If Computer Often Freezes When Copying Files to USB Flash Drive?

Multiple users frequently need to copy important files from computers to their USB flash drives. Yet, some users complain that their computers often freeze during this process. This article will look at this issue and expose what to do with it.

USB flash drive is widely used nowadays due to its portability. No matter external hard drive or solid state drive or CD/DVD, they are larger than USB flash drive in size. Hence, so as to be able to quickly access critical files any time, you can store a copy of them in a USB flash drive. In the process of copying files from computer to USB drive, have you ever suffered computer freezing? If so, you can follow the guide below to get rid of it.

What to Do If Computer Often Freezes When Copying Files to USB Flash Drive?

Try Other USB Ports

There is a chance that the culprit is the faulty USB port. Hence, in the first place, in order to finish copying files to USB flash drive as soon as possible, you can try the other USB ports. First off, you should unplug USB flash drive from the current port. Then, you can reboot the computer and reconnect the USB drive to another USB port. Next, you can attempt to copy files again. If computer still freezes, don’t worry. Just read on to get the other approaches.

Update USB Drivers

It is also likely that the outdated or corrupt USB drivers lead to this problem. So, you are required to check and update the USB drivers. Take the following steps:

  1. To start with, connect the USB flash drive to PC.
  2. Then, go to “Start Menu”.
  3. Next, right click “Computer” and choose “Manage”.
  4. In the new “Computer Management” window, click “Device Manager”.
  5. Subsequently, in the center section, locate and right click the USB flash drive.
  6. Later, select “Update Driver” and follow onscreen instructions.
  7. After updating drivers, try to copy files again.


Moreover, it is possible that something wrong has occurred to the USB flash drive. Failed drive can bring up a lot of issues, such as file corruption like damaged PST file and freezing computer in file copy and so on. Therefore, it’s suggested to scan and repair the USB drive by CHKDSK.

  1. At the outset, search “cmd” in “Start Menu”.
  2. Then, run “cmd” as administrator.
  3. Next, in the “Command Prompt” window, type “chkdsk driveletter: /f /r /x”.
  4. Ultimately, press “Enter” to launch drive check.

Improve Computer Performance

Last but not least, sometimes, the reason why computer frequently freezes when you copy files to USB flash drive is poor computer performance. In this situation, you need to take actions to optimize the system, such as stopping other programs in this course, disabling “Remote Differential Compression” and “Thumbnail” and defrag the computer hard drive, etc. Hope better computer performance can help you get rid of the terrible issue!

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