What Makes the Ms Outlook 2013 Stand Out?

In a world driven by technology, every software companyimages tries to introduce new features in its products and thus bring out improved versions of their applications. The same is true for IT behemoth Microsoft which is consistently looking to improve the performance of its products and cater to the changing needs of its user base. With the Outlook 2013 it attempted to unleash a whole set of innovative features that are designed to offer a holistic improvement in the user experience. In this article we will look at some of these features and understand how it helps in making our work easier.


  • Cool features rolled out in Ms Outlook 2013

To start with Microsoft has rolled out an intelligent preview feature in Outlook 2013. Now you get to view lines from the message body along with the subject line in the message list even without selecting it. In other ways it gives you a chance to focus on an important email without individually looking through each email’s content.

When it comes to offering you a sneak peak at your schedules and other elements the Outlook 2013 rolls out a glance feature which allows you to view current schedule items without shifting between modes. You can dock the current appointments right in your view when your start the Outlook application. It also showcases a new way to visualize all your contacts in one place using the People Card feature and lists a plethora of details.

Outlook 2013 has a vastly improved theme collection which gives you the chance to customize the look at feel of the application to your taste. There are more options available to set your preferences and the overall process too has become easier.  Moving forward the Outlook 2013 includes weather forecast into its Calendar feature thus letting you directly have an idea of the expected weather conditions. Amongst the other features that Outlook introduces, the Zoom pane is an interesting one as it gives you a quick way to adjust size. This iteration also comes with an attachment reminder which alerts you if you have used the word attached or its likes and have failed to attach a message.


  • Even the Outlook 2013 can fail in case of a PST file error

Despite its several advances the Outlook 2013 application still remains vulnerable to the perennial Achilles heel, PST file errors which have been the bane for Outlook application over years.  Now if you experience a .pst file error in Outlook 2013 do not hesitate to call in a robust pst recovery tool like the DataNumen Outlook repair as your data maybe at risk. This proficient application can extract the contents from corrupted .pst files in a jiffy and help you get back all your data including the address book and journal entries. Now if you are dealing with a corrupt PST file of a formidable size, the DataNumen Outlook repair would be your best ally as it can negotiate them with ease.


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