What if it’s the Proprietary Code that is Corrupt?

Authoring in-house programs is always the best solution to creating software that perfectly suits your company’s needs. Problems arise when a bug in your proprietary code appears and places your project at risk. If you have used a third party means to manage and communicate your data, you are in luck. You can recover SQL based databases and shift the information to a backup version of your proprietary software while you debug and repair the current version. This is why it is considered a “best practice” to use a data management system within your proprietary framework that has a separate architecture and support process.woman smiling at computer

SQL recovery is a very refined field, the language and programs made in it have been around for long enough that engineers and programmers have been able to develop fully functional and effective programs to conduct SQL repair.

The Benefits of the Command Line

The Microsoft SQL database management system revolves around the command line prompt, while also incorporating the basic access abilities of drag and drop. Having an SQL repair program that has the same type of emphasis is more helpful than you would think. Not only does it allow the repair program to talk to the SQL database on the same access level, but it allows the user to tap into their familiarity with the SQL process rather than having to learn a whole new interface to restore SQL files.

The repair program focuses on the recovery of the MDF file, but can also work to recover different types of SQL extensions. Command line control lets you target and customize the repair process so more time is not wasted. The better able you are to direct and control the process according to what you know about your system, the faster you will be able to get up and running again. Running a repair process in this way also lets you eliminate influences on the proprietary code that may be causing a disruption in that environment.

Making Repairs a Habit

It can be very beneficial to get in the habit of fixing what is not broken. Repair systems come with scanning packets that can run through your data files and detect problems before they have caused an interruption to your operations. Most of the causes of corruption are fixable before they cause a failure, but can only be detected by a batch code that is testing the sectors within the file structure for integrity. It is another ‘best practice’ to run a program to evaluate and fix any issues on a regular basis. This is especially helpful to those using SQL within a proprietary environment as it prevents a fixable SQL issue from causing what is taken as a proprietary bug or corruption.

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