What are Search Folders and How you can use them to your benefit

Search Folders in Outlook are an interesting way to source frequently looked for data in virtual folders that can accessed with a single mouse click.

What are Search Folders and How you can use them to your benefit

Whether you know it or not, MS Outlook is a great medium to organize personal information like contacts, emails, calendars and tasks. At times it might become difficult for the user to quickly access them all, so keeping this in mind, Microsoft thought of adding the Search Folders in its email client. As the name suggests, these folders are meant for conducting searches within the Outlook application. Read on to get enlightened with what all you can do with the search folders and how you can manage them with ease.

As mentioned above, Outlook enables you to send and receive emails in bulk on a daily basis and searching for particular emails from a bundle of messages might be a troublesome task. Thankfully, the Search Folders are there for your relief. By creating your own customized search folders, you can actually group important messages in a separate folder that becomes visible at one glance when required.

Currently, MS Outlook offers three types of Default Search Folders under the option of Search Folders and they are categorized as Unread Mail, Large Mail and Categorized Mail. Unread Mail Folder comprises of the emails that have not been read yet by the user. On the other hand, Large Mail Folder contains messages that are more than 100kb in size. Lastly, the Categorized Mail Folder is the one that comprises the messages that are differentiated or categorized by color.

Now, let us share with you the secret of creating new Search Folders in MS Outlook. The first step would be to go to the Navigation Pane and right click on the Search Folders Option. Then, click on the New Search Folder. As a shortcut, you can also press CTRL + SHFT + P to open a new window. After this, choose the option of Create A Custom Search Field and select the Choose Option. There, you will need to mention the name of the new folder and choose the Criteria with your preferences in order to personalize your search folder. Finally click Ok. By going to the Browse Option, you can even choose folders to add in your particular customized search folder. This however, needs to be followed by clicking Ok.

You may also add predefined search folders using some easy steps in Outlook. First of all, you need to go to the File Option, then choose the New Option and select Search Folder. After this, you will see a new search folder appearing on the window. You are free to choose any of the search folders that are predefined and pick the option that suits best to your need and finally click Ok.

So, next time don’t waste time in dragging messages from the Inbox to particular folders, simply use the Search Folders and make life uncomplicated for yourself while working on MS Outlook. The biggest advantage of using Search Folders is that the messages stay in their original folders even if you delete the folders.

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