Voting Buttons in MS Outlook 2013- A Primer

In this article we would look at the Voting Button options present in Outlook 2013

Voting Buttons in MS Outlook 2013- A Primer
Voting Buttons is a unique feature that has been especially incorporated in MS Outlook for people who generally thrive on other’s opinions and polls. Be it the question of where to go for a dinner, or which movie to watch, or which gift to choose for a loved one, you can create a poll and ask your friends and known contacts to vote and guide you through their respective preferences via an email message. In other words, Voting Buttons enables you to easily create polls regarding anything within email messages that can be send to different recipients. Read on to get acquainted with this interesting feature of Voting Buttons in Outlook with all its pros and cons and the way to use it.
Now, let us throw some light on how to actually use the feature of Voting Buttons in Outlook. In all there are just a few and easy steps involved for this whole process of using Voting. First of all, you need to compose a new email message or you can even open a message for which you wish to send a reply. Then, go to the Options Tab and under the Tracking Group, choose the Use Voting Buttons. Once you have done this much, you need to click on any of the three following options:
1. Firstly a Yes; No for a definite yes or no on a poll.
2. Secondly, Yes; No; May Be that offers the voter to give an indefinite answer.
3. Thirdly, Custom Option to allow the voter to create his or her own voting button name.
When you see the dialog box under Properties, go to the Voting and Tracking Options and choose the Use Voting Buttons and tick it with a yes. User may even make use of the default buttons or delete the default options if he or she wishes to type a particular text as an option.
Reviewing the voting responses for a voting poll you conducted in MS Outlook is also very easy. All you need is to open the message with voting button that you sent from the Sent Items Folder. Go to the Show Group and then to the Message Tab. After this click on Tracking to see the voting results. However, bear in mind that tracking will appear only if at least one of the recipients of the email has replied with a valid vote. Also, it is advisable to select the option of Delivery Receipt under Tracking to get a confirmation that the message was delivered to the recipient’s mailbox. A quick tip that might come handy for getting more responses for a vote in an email is that you mention the voting buttons in the main body of your message so as to enable the recipient easily see them and vote for them.
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