Viruses and Ms Outlook – How to Keep Your Email Client Safe

In this article we look at keeping the email client safe from malicious viruses that can compromise your data.


It is true that the biggest threats for a computer user today are virulent viruses and in fact, every other day, a new kind of computer virus is introduced by the hackers around the world just to steal your important data and personal information for misuse. The two main thresholds of virus attacks are firstly through emails and secondly through net browsing. In the first case, when you open a spam email that has a virus your system gets infected and in the latter case, when you open certain spam links while surfing, the system gets infected by the malicious virus. So, what exactly can be done to make your working on MS Outlook safe and secure for your system as well as your saved data? If on one hand the virus attacks are increasing, then thankfully, the ways to deal with them and preventing them are also coming up. In this article, we will discuss all about the viruses and MS Outlook and how to maintain a fluent working without the virus hindrance.

  1. Antivirus Software: The first popular way to prevent or cure a system from virus attack is installing a good and reliable antivirus software. These software are developed to keep your computer safe with timely scans to catch hold of any virus attack. The best thing about these software is that some of them are easily available free to download on the net. You can even try out the free Microsoft Security Essentials for MS Outlook that is perfect for entire system protection against viruses.
  1. Safe Attachment Downloads: Make sure to download attachments only from trusted senders, else you might end up making your computer virus infected. In fact, keep an extra precaution before opening an attachment in reliable emails also by first scanning the file with your antivirus scanner software. Never ever try to open an attachment, no matter how appealing the subject line looks in your email. 
  1. Security Features of Microsoft Windows Security Center: Another tip against virus protection is to turn on the security features of MS Windows by enabling the Internet firewalls, Antispyware Software and similar software that are designed to catch the virus attacks on the first sight before letting them spread across your entire system. 
  1. Regular Data Back Up: It could happen that even if you take all the necessary steps to keep your system virus free, somehow a virus enters it and starts infecting your data. So, you are strongly recommended to back up your essential data regularly for an easy access when the virus corrupts some of your Outlook files. If you can’t back up the entire system, make sure to back up the files that you can’t afford to lose at any cost.
  1. Set Spam Folder Settings: It is also a good idea to set up the Spam Folder settings tightly, so that not a single spam email gets uncaught. Use the Junk Email Filter efficiently to restrict the phishing emails. Apart from it, never open any suspicious email or file that could be viruses in disguise.

Some virus attacks can crash your Outlook application

In some cases, a virus attack can crash the Outlook application and limit your access to your email data.  To resolve the issue you need to first run a top of the line antivirus tool to remove the virus and then attempt a data recovery using an outlook recovery tool like the potent DataNumen Outlook Repair application. It has the technical depth to recover nearly all your emails from a compromised PST file without losing on data integrity.  Moreover the tool is also useful in a small business setup where it can recover several compromised PST files in one go with its batch recovery mode.

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