Viewing Zip files in Google Docs – A Primer

Google has long been a trailblazer in the world of computing and internet. Its cutting edge products and services from Google Earth to Google Glass have managed to hold the imagination of countless people around the world. In its extensive repertoire of products lies the widely used Google Docs application suite. Mimicking the ubiquitous Ms Office Suite from Microsoft, it provided nearly a same set of major applications free of cost.

While the Google Docs served as a great application set for most users, it did have a couple of sore points. One of this related to zip files and the inability of Google Docs to preview them. While a user could easily preview a word file or an excel spreadsheet, checking out the contents of a zip file was not possible. However Google has now rolled out the capacity to preview to preview ZIP and RAR files within the Google Docs application. Using the Google Docs viewer you can now quickly browse through the contents of the zip before deciding to download them. The preview allows you to quickly decide whether you wish to download the file onto your system and even identify possible executable virus files embedded in the archive.


How to Preview Zip files in Google Docs

In order to view a zip file, you just need to click on the view option next to the archive file in list of attachments. Once you click on the view options, a list of all files encompassed in the archive files would be shown on the screen. From the list you can choose to view the said file (say a PDF document or a spreadsheet) and check if the file is relevant. Typically it is achieved by selecting the said file and clicking on the Actions option that appears next to it. Apart from viewing the file, you can save to Google docs or download it too. One interesting part of this feature is the fact that it works on Google doc application for mobiles too. In fact the preview feature is going to be more popular with mobile users as they do not have to download a zip file using their limited bandwidth and can simply view the contents online.

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Dealing with corrupt Zip files

In case you attempt to preview a zip fie in Google Doc and it shows you a garbled display or does not show the contents at all then the file may be corrupted. In case you are sure about the source of the file then you can download it onto to your system and use a

zip repair tool to dig out the data contained in the archive file. One of the most potent fix zip tools available in the market is the DataNumen Zip Repair application which boasts of sophisticated recovery engine that can extract the contents of even the thoroughly corrupted zip files with ease. With this powerful application, at hand you would never need to worry about corrupt archive files any more.

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