Using the Outlook Journal Feature to Track Work in your Team

For a business owner, ththe productivity of his employees is a crucial aspect to keep track off. In case you run a small business, the thought of investing in a time tracking might have come across your mind. However purchasing a specialized tool can be costly and it also involves a learning curve. With the Journal feature in Outlook you can track the tasks that you perform on your email client including the emails that you have sent with ease. Moreover you can also track the use of other Microsoft applications like Ms Excel or PowerPoint and the duration for which they were used. Now if you are working in a small team you can ask your team members to activate the Journal feature on their individual machines and share the same with you.


Working With Journals – The Basics

At the very outset you should understand that Journals need to be explicitly activated. To do so you need to visit the GO tab in the top menu bar and then click on Journals from the drop down list. In the next screen you will receive a message asking you to activate the Journal feature. Once you do so, you would find yourself with a screen where you can set the preferences for the Journal to record. It would include the choice to record specific elements like Email Messages or Task request etc. Moreover you can record emails sent to specific individuals only.

Going forward the Journal option menu would allow you to record files from Ms Office applications such as Word or Excel. Once set just click on OK to activate the Journal.


Sharing Journals in a Team

As a business owner or a manager, you can ask your team members to share their journal entries with you. Moreover you can have a common journal shared amongst multiple team members. Such a journal can used to view the status of a work and how it is headed. When you open a shared journal, Outlook asks you to enter the name of contacts with whom you wish to share the journal with. Further the Outlook application allows you to view Journals by category or contact name for easy oversight.


An Outlook PST File Corruption can Risk Journal Entries too

Some Outlook users remain under the belief that consequences of PST errors are limited to emails only. Unfortunately PST file corruption issues can risk all your Outlook data elements including Contacts and Journal entries. Imagine the record of project work, spanning months vanishing in a moment. Well with a powerful pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair you can hope to get back your data without much ado. It can extract all Outlook data elements including Journal entries without much fuss and is not constrained by the size of corrupt PST file. Moreover the innovative tool can be used to break down large PST files and can even be used as an e-discovery utility.


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