Using the Ms Outlook application in a Small Business Setup

In a challenging business environment, the pressure to performE012804 is often more on small businesses. As opposed to their enterprise counterparts they neither have the cash to invest in new technology nor the manpower to diversify or restructure in quick time. When productivity is crucial for survival, every small business owner should look to utilize the resources available at hand to their fullest. Now a large number of small businesses have the Ms Outlook client installed in their PCs, largely because they came with the Ms Office suite. Typically you would be using the Outlook client for communication in isolation or in many cases with the Ms Exchange server. Irrespective of how the Outlook application is configured in your office, you can use its intelligent features to improve productivity.


  • Use Journal feature to track time on Projects

Assuming you have few people working on a project, it is very likely that you do not have a Project Management tool installed in your small business. However you can use the Journal feature to track the time you spent on a project and even ask your team members to link up using the shared Journal feature. Thus without expending a dime you could seamlessly track how your employees are performing and their time allocation on different tasks.


  • Use the Calendar feature to create schedules

You may run a small business but you are likely to be equally pressed for time as any leading corporate executive. There may be project deadlines or deliveries to be made in a given time frame and there may special goals to achieve on a given date. In such a scenario you can create a detailed calendar schedule and share the same with your team. In case you have a very small setup then you can take the printouts of the schedule created in the Outlook calendar and paste it on the Office notice board.


  • Use distribution lists and Contacts for Marketing outreach

When you are running a small business you need to maximize every opportunity that comes your way. From ensuring that every contact you make is stored in a central place to maintaining a regular personal touch with your customers and prospects. Make it a point to enter as much information as possible in Outlook contacts. Use your Outlook distribution list to make a list of contacts and send them regular emails on any specific offer or product that you have.


  • Using Outlook for business – make sure the data contained in it remains accessible 

Even though the Ms Outlook client is a terrific piece of software, it remains vulnerable to seemingly inane flaws such as corruption of PST files. If you are using Outlook for business, you would have plethora of important information stored in the application and thus you should always keep a outlook repair tool near you. One of the finest tools that you can give a try is the DataNumen Outlook repair application that can dig out all of your Outlook data in few minutes.


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