Using Stylish Special Characters to differentiate your Email Subject line

In a120530_obama_emails_605_ap highly competitive world, emails provide us with a cost effective mean to reach out to our prospects with an eye on gaining new businesses. Now when you are looking to gain the attention of a prospect, it is important that he or she reads your email on priority. Now if you are looking to make your email standout in the recipient’s inbox, it makes great sense to use special characters in the emails subject line. For example if you use special characters like money symbol for example in the subject line, the recipient is likely to get drawn to it.


Placing a Special Character in the Subject Line of your email message

To start with, inserting special characters into the subject line is not straightforward. You need to first copy the characters you wish to insert from the character map present in Windows and then paste them in the subject line. To access the character map, head to All Programs from the Start Menu and then move to Accessories. Now under Accessories, go to System Tools wherein you need to click on the Character Map option. When the screen shows, select the character you wish to copy using the mouse cursor and then click on Select option placed on the screen. Once you have chosen the characters, just click on Copy and then paste them into an Outlook email message subject line.


Key Things to Keep in Mind while using Special Characters

While using special characters to differentiate your email is a great idea, it has its own set of drawbacks. For starters some email clients and online email platforms may not render the email perfectly. Some experts also believe that using special characters’ may at times make your emails vulnerable to spam filters.


Keep a contingency plan in place while working with Ms Outlook

Many Outlook users who have a pleasant experience while working with the Ms Outlook email client simply tend to overlook the fact that their favorite mail client can have flaws. In fact PST errors are far from the mind of an average Outlook user who has not experienced an Outlook crash. While it is good to have your mail client working in perfect shape, however it does not reduce the chances of a PST error creeping up on you all of a sudden. In fact if you are using Outlook for business or important personal emails, you need make sure that you have a contingency plan to avoid a data loss in case of an Outlook crash. So you need to grab hold of an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which can serve as the cornerstone of your contingency plan. Primed to recover data from severely corrupted PST files in minimum time, this powerful application can handle gigantic PST files with sheer aplomb. Moreover the tool can find the location of a PST file that is hard to discover through a normal windows search. Last but not the least the tool can be used to breakup a recovered file of a disproportionately large size into multiple parts.


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