Using SQL Server Express Edition as a production server – completely feasible and ideal for small to many mid sized firms

In this article we explore the possibility of using SQL Server Express edition as a true production server and contemplate its limitations

SQL Server ExpressThe SQL Server database has different editions designed for different needs. Of these the Express edition is specifically tailored for smaller workloads. The fact that it is completely free makes it immensely useful for many small to midsized firms. While there is a reasonable limit on database size, the application can be safely used for commercial applications. Yet there are some misapprehensions regarding using it as a production server. These misconceptions have emerged out of inhibitions found in some of its previous releases. While others have appeared due to misbelieves regarding its licensing and attributes. Let us analyze whether these misconceptions make sense or are just light rumors.

  1. SQL Server Express Edition provides its user a legal legitimacy to use it for production workloads. It can be safely used for commercial ends without any restrictions save the ones mentioned in the license. This aspect also allows the client to label it as his own product. This in fact can be classified as its added advantage. This benefits many independent Software Vendors.
  1. While its previous version known as the Microsoft Desktop Engine did not support its use by multiple users. SQL Server Express Edition is more user friendly, as it has no such limitation.
  1. Clients would be glad to know that its latest version called as SQL Server 2008, has a very high storage capacity. It supports 10 GB per data file for a database. This implies that we can have more than one 10 GB databases.
  1. The Express 2016 version works effectively for clients who are developing and managing multiple small SQL Server databases. It is supports its use in both Windows and desktop operating systems. This includes Windows 7, 8. 8.1 and 10.

It has been advised by many IT Experts that all these misconceptions regarding SQL Server Express version are myths. It has uncountable advantages it is suitable and recommended small businesses. In fact you can even deploy several instances of SQL Server Express edition in your organization and interlink them too.

Small companies who use the SQL Server Express edition need to keep themselves ready for possible SQL crashes

IfSQL you are using the SQL Server Express edition in a small business setup, you need to remain prepared to deal with SQL crashes. Since it is likely that you do not have dedicated technical support at hand nor the high availability options of Enterprise edition in place; investing in a sql server recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery is a must. With this software in place, you can quickly get back the contents of a compromised SQL file within minutes and soon restore operations without losing data.

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