Using Read Receipts in Ms Outlook – A Primer

With Email-Read-Receipts-Fig-2emails becoming the primary means of business communications, most of us hope to have our emails read by our business contacts in the shortest possible time. The read receipt feature is designed to help you know when an email sent by you has been read by the contact. It is important to note that the recipient of your email has the liberty to confirm and send a read receipt or avoid sending one despite reading that email. Similarly if you receive an email which requests for a read receipt, you can choose to ignore it.


Quick Steps for Requesting a Read Receipt for a Specific Message

If you are looking to get the confirmation of your email getting read by the recipient you can follow the steps mentioned below to request a read receipt.

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook client, click on New Message and draft the email you wish to send
  2. Now click on View in the top toolbar and then head to Options
  3. Next under the label Voting and Tracking options mark the checkbox next to Request a delivery/read receipt for this message


Enabling Read Receipt Requests for all messages you send

  1. Open the Outlook application and head to Tools
  2. Next click on Options
  3. Now go ahead and click on Email Options
  4. Next go to Tracking Options and under it check the box for Read/Delivery receipt


Choosing your Response when a Read Receipt is requested

Your contacts too can send you read receipt requests along with their emails and it is up to you how you choose to respond to them. You can either choose to answer all read requests by default or deny them altogether. However the best setting involves getting notified about them and choosing to confirm or deny a read receipt on individual basis. To enforce this setting you need to do the following

  1. Go to Tools and then head to Options in Ms Outlook
  2. Next click on Email Options and click on Tracking Options
  3. Choose the option “Ask Me before sending a response”


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