Using Power View in Ms SQL Server 2012 with SharePoint

Databases today tend to serveSSRS_gal5 as huge repositories of knowledge and they typically incorporate a plethora of business data. Quite expectedly they are managed by skilled administrators and developers who create applications to extract information from them. However for a company executive looking to get a view of certain data present in the database is a complicated affair as it involves making a request to the database team to create a user defined report. However with SQL Server 2012 it is now possible to create custom reports on the fly with the help of the Power view feature. Any user who has the requisite rights can generate the report based on his exact requirements without much effort. In a way it allows executives to interactively play with the underlying data in a effortless manner and reach their conclusions without the use of a specialized BI tool.


Key Facts About the Power View feature

Power View is essentially a plug-in that you can install and it works via the SharePoint server. So if you have SharePoint installed, just get hold of the brilliant utility and you will be able to generate perceptive reports just by dragging fields and variables of your choice. The plug-in works through your browser and uses the Sliverlight framework. It offers you intuitive options to explore data based on your needs and its entity names display an uncanny similarity with MS Excel Pivot table elements. For small business the Power View can compensate the need for a costly BI tool to a large extent and offers different visualizations that can be tailored to the taste of the user. It includes a host of features typically found in reporting tools and allows for freeform arrangement of graphical elements and charts. The tool even allows you to define key performance indicators and displays the target value. It also allows you to create hierarchies and set different levels to visualize linked data. When you choose to save a Power view report, the default file gets saved in the .rdlx format. Interestingly you can even choose to export a Power View report directly into a PPT slide and this can really reduce the workload of a business executive. Moreover the tool allows you use filter views to present data in custom demarcated charts and even offers scatter charts for creative depiction.


Recovering Corrupt SQL Database files

Despite the technical proficiency displayed by the MS SQL Server 2012, its records still remain vulnerable to data corruption. While standard backup options can work at times, in case you have critical business data stored in the SQL database then you should immediately choose a professional sql recovery application. Of the several that you may come across the DataNumen SQL recovery can be sighted as the very best. It can tackle nearly any form of data stored in your database tables and displays accurate proficiency in recovering the lost data in relatively short time span.  Last but not the least the tool can seamlessly extract data out of any media including optical drives.


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