Using Outlook for Scheduling Deliverables in a Small Business – A Primer

The Ms school-scheduleOutlook application is much more than an email client and can be used to achieve several tasks from team management to work scheduling. In a small business environment, the idea to create business processes around Outlook can prove rather handy. Most small firms do not own sophisticated software like Management Information Systems or Customer Relationship Management applications. However if you use Outlook tasks to schedule work and manage your team and utilize Business Contact Manager feature; you can effectively mould your process around Outlook and keep a track of the deliverables for your team. Let’s explore the idea in depth.


Use Tasks and Shared Calendars to Manage Workflow and Schedule Deliverables

One of the handiest features of Outlook is its capacity to share items amongst the team with ease. For example you can create a job delivery calendar for your team and assign individual tasks to each employee. When a team member completes a certain piece of work, he can mark that as complete. Tasks that go behind schedule show up as pending and you are likely to immediately notice the delayed items appearing in red.


Use Notes and Contacts to your Advantage

Notes in Outlook can serve as a collaborative worksheet. Team members working together on a common project can share notes and describe their progress and collate any important information. Similarly Contacts in Outlook help you to effectively cover all the contact details that you wish to keep about your clients in a neat manner. Moreover using the People feature in Outlook you can reach out your clients via several channels like Instant Messengers and Social Media platforms, directly from the email client’s interface.


Business Contact Manager can revitalize your marketing efforts

The BCM tool is Outlook is a CRM in its own right. With the help of the feature you can track the prospects that you are looking to tap and follow them up in an effective manner. Outreach campaigns can be intelligently designed and your database of email IDs can be quickly converted into leads. Moreover its excellent reporting features make it a pleasure to use.


A Small Business Should always Backup the data stored in the Outlook Application

As opposed to enterprises, many small businesses run Outlook without an exchange server. This effectively means that the data stored in the PST files of your computer is not getting backed up at any place. So in case you encounter an Outlook crash, chances of a data loss arising is rather acute. Given the risks, backing up the data stored in the Outlook application is absolutely imperative.  Better still you should invest in an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to remain prepared for emergencies. This stellar application has an illustrious track record of recovering the maximum possible data from corrupted PST files as compared most other tools in its class. Further the application is rather easy to use and is not even remotely constrained by the size of the compromised PST file.


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