Using Data Recovery Programs Efficiently

DataNumen is one of the world’s leaders in data recovery solutions. We are able to provide you with programs for repairing Outlook and recovering your SQL data so that you can quickly recover and repair your files, reducing downtime and frustration. It also pays to understand the basics of how the programs work to return files to usability and the factors that will affect their ability to perform to their highest standard. Here is a brief overview of how damage happens and how it gets repaired. Once you know this, you can put your program tools into action. efficiency 010513

Why data goes bad

It may seem like there is no rhyme or reason to when a file becomes unreadable to a program. Often, the operator was using the file just moments ago and everything was fine. The thing is, there is much that can go wrong that you will not be aware of except when you have to allocate time for repairing Outlook data that was fine the day before. A lot of people will point to malware or viruses, but they actually have little impact on the readability of a file’s architecture.

To put it in plain English, what malware is after has more to do with your personal, billing, and contact information that they want to read and not with making sure you can’t read your data specs sheet for an engineering design. The primary thing that will cause corruption is a failure in a third party drive on the system. Third party drives can fail and they can also come into conflict with other drivers and firmware programs. Again, the driver that was fine the day before may not be the day after if something has changed on the system.

The conflict can set up a resource competition and cause a program like Excel or Word to either go into a spontaneous shutdown, or to have its internal logic system interrupted. When either happens, you will be getting ready to perform Outlook recovery operations because the process of saving a file has been interrupted. When the program goes to access the file, even one second later, it will be unreadable.

What recovery programs do

Data recovery programs act as both a diagnostic program and a library of known fixes for common errors. They look for the expected architecture of a program type (Word, Excel, SQL, and Outlook) and find where the chain of logic and assignment has been broken. The program can then execute a re-coding of just that area to fix the damage. While there are very many reasons why data can become unreadable, there is usually one a set amount of ways in which the corruption can occur within the document. If there is anything complicated about the corruption that the repair program cannot fix, then you can contact a data recovery specialist. They are familiar with the more unusual possibilities and once the typical suspects are cleared by a program, they are well worth the cost to figure out and fix the document.


Contact us to find out what DataNumen can do to help your company. Under the leadership of our President and Chairman Alan Chen, we have not only become the best in providing data recovery solutions, but our emphasis on efficiency and customer service has made us a preferred specialist to call.

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