Use the Journal feature in Ms Outlook to improve Productivity

When you look at people around you, it is indexlikely you would have noticed that some of the most successful people invariably seem to be the most pressed for time. Yet you may find that they somehow seem to manage to manage everything while we find it difficult to complete our work on schedule. A major reason why people fail to adhere to their schedule lies in their avoidance in tracking time and productivity. For example even a diligent manager may not give credence to the expected duration of a meeting if he has not estimated a clear time to complete the task. The Journal feature in Outlook can help you effectively track the time you are spending on different activities and even schedule your day ahead. It can help you integrate the office documents that you need to work on with this application so that you an figure out how much time say that report you worked on took to create. You can list your phone calls, enter meeting records and create shared journals that can be accessed by a group working together on a project.


  • Working with the Journal feature

At the very outset the Journal feature allows you to list the tasks or activity that you have planned or are going to initiate. You can start by creating a new journal entry and put its description in the subject line. In the Entry Type field you would get the chance to select the activity say a phone call or a meeting request and then set the start time. You can even assign a company name if the task is related to any specific company. Further you can use the categories option assign the entry to specific category. Once the entry has been and you are ready to start, you can click on the Start Timer to track duration used on the task.

In case you are working on Ms Office documents say an Excel spreadsheet or a PPT file you can link them to the Journal tool and it automatically will track the time you spend on them. To achieve the same you just need to click on the Option tab and then open the Journal Option window. Under the Preferences you need to choose the option Add Record Files form list option and proceed. Once set just restart the Outlook application. It would immediately start monitoring the documents.


  • A Corrupt PST file can risk your Journal entries

Imagine you have maintained detailed journal of your work over the week and even started a shared journal. However if the underlying PST file gets corrupted, your journal entries too come at risk. If this happens we would advise you to immediately secure a professional outlook repair tool like DataNumen Outlook repair at the earliest. Incorporating a sophisticated data extraction algorithm this versatile tool can take out all elements from a corrupted .pst file including Journal entries and thus help you get back your valuable data. Moreover the application scores high on performance and can recover far more data than any other application in its class and that too in quick time.


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