How to Use the SUMIF Function to Perform a Conditional Sum

The function in Excel enables it to handle complex data. Thus many people choose to apply Excel as their office software. And of course there are many different functions for different purpose. Thus, today we choose to analyze the feature of SUMIF function.

SUMIF function can calculate the sum of certain numbers in your specified criteria. In the image below, you need to calculate the total sales volume. And at the same time, you want to add the numbers that are higher than 500.A Sample of Sales Volume

But there are season sales volumes. How can you finish the calculation? You are unable to use the SUM function because it will calculate for twice. Otherwise the number needs to be divided by 2. As for the second purpose, It is frustrating to select all the numbers higher than 500. So here the SUMIF function works.

Steps of Calculating the Total Sales Volume

  1. Click the target cell. In this example, you need to click B18.
  2. Input the formula into the cell: =SUMIF(A2:A17,”season*”,B2:B17)Input the SUMIF  Function

And don’t forget to input the symbol “*” after the “season”, or the result will be zero.

  1. Press the key “Enter” on the keyboard. And then you will see the result.The Result in the Cell

Using SUMIF function can select the criteria automatically and then add the number. It is very convenient to calculate the result in a bunch of numbers.

Steps of Calculating with Certain Criteria

  1. Selected the target cell. And here you can select B19.
  2. Input the formula into the cell: =SUMIF(B2:B17,”>500″)-B18Input the Second Foumula

Here because in each season, the total number is larger than 500, so the condition will include the season sales volume. Thus you should delete the total number and then get the right result. With this feature, you don’t need to add the number one by one manually. And the formula will not make a mistake that will happen to us, such as missing one number or add more numbers.

Actions to Take when Excel Files Corrupt

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