Why Not Use an Outlook Task to Manage the Progress of a Word Document

If you are working on a Word document which will take a long time, it is advisable to create an Outlook task for this document. It can be achieved directly in MS Word application. This article will delve into this issue.

Virtually Microsoft Word comes loaded with a command, which is called as “Create Microsoft Outlook Task”. But it is always hidden deep in Word. In order to create Outlook task simply in Word application, you should make this command shown at first.

Add “Create Microsoft Outlook Task” Command to Word Ribbon

  1. To begin with, head to “File” menu and click “Options”.
  2. In the subsequent window, you should switch to “Customize Ribbon” tab.
  3. On the right part, select a tab where you want to place the command. Under that tab, click “New group” button at the left bottom.New Group in Ribbon
  4. After creating the new group, click “Rename” button next to the “New Group” button. In the popup dialog box, you can choose an icon and set the display name as per your preference.Rename the New Group
  5. Next in “Choose Commands from” field, choose “Command not in the Ribbon”. And from the command list, select “Create Microsoft Outlook Task” command, and click “Add” button in center, adding the command to the new group.Add “Create Microsoft Outlook Task” Command to Word Ribbon
  6. Finally click “OK” and go back to Home page.

After adding the command to the visible places, you can have a try immediately.

Create an Outlook Task to Manage the Progress of a Word Document

  1. For start with, you can create and edit a Word document as usual.
  2. After finishing the document, you should save it to your desired location.
  3. Then still in MS Word program, click the “Create Microsoft Outlook Task” button or icon.Create MS Outlook Task in the Ribbon
  4. Next, Outlook will be launched automatically. You can go to Outlook interface and see the New Task window. The task body contains the Word document. You can double click to open it. Actually it is just a document shortcut.Outlook Task with a Word Document
  5. You can directly fill in all task specifications, such as start date, due date, reminder and so on. The subject is the name of the Word document.
  6. Finally click “Save & Close” button in ribbon to activate the task.

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