How to Use the OFFSET Function in Your Excel Worksheet

Functions in Excel can help you solve many complex problems. And today we will introduce the usage of the OFFSET function in Excel worksheet.

Among all the functions in Excel, the OFFSET function is a very useful one. This function also has a wide range of use in Excel. In this article, we will show you how to use this function in different conditions.

The Usage of OFFSET Function

The OFFSET function will return the cells reference according to a certain condition. Here we will use this example in a worksheet. And you can refer to the image below.Example

  1. Click a blank cell in the worksheet. In this example, we will click the cell A15.
  2. And then input this formula into the cell:


In this formula, the argument A1 is the reference cell. The reference to the cell A1 is (0,0). The second and third numbers will decide the leading cell of the new range. Here the two arguments are both 5, so the leading cell will be F6. Besides, the last two arguments are the target range. In this formula, the target range will be only one cell. As a result, this formula will return the value in cell F6.

And then press the button “Enter” on the keyboard. Thus, you will see the result 451 in cell A15. This is exactly the value in cell F6.One Cell

On the other hand, you still need to pay more attention. When the result contains more than one cell, you will see an error in the cell. The image below shows another example.Error

Here the formula is: =OFFSET(A1,5,5,2,1). And the result will contain two cells. If you still use this function directly in cells, you will get this error. Therefore, you need to use the function in other conditions. In the part below, we will show you some other conditions that will use this function.

Examples for the Application of OFFSET Function

Example 1: Combine OFFSET Function with other Functions

You can combine the OFFSET function with other functions in Excel.

  1. Click a blank cell in the worksheet. Here we will choose the cell B15.
  2. And then input this formula into the cell:


In this formula, we will use the AVERAGE function. And this formula will calculate the average sales volume of the first month.AVERAGE function

When you need to get the average numbers in other range, you can use such a combination. Of course you can combine this function with other functions according to your need.

Example 2: Use OFFSET Function in other Features

Except for the above usage, you can also use the OFFSET function in other conditions. In our previous article, we have already used the OFFSET function.

  1. In the article 2 Methods to Auto Refresh the Drop-Down List in Your Excel Worksheet, we have used the function for the data validation. By using the OFFSET function, the drop-down list will refresh automatically.
  2. In the article 2 Methods to Auto Update the Reference Range of a Defined Name in Excel Worksheet, we also used this function for the named range.

From the above two articles, you can see that the OFFSET function is really very useful.

The Difference between Built-in Function and VBA Function

OFFSET function can solve some problems in VBA codes. However, the OFFSET functions in worksheet and in VBA codes are different. Below we will show you the VBA function. In this image, we will use the VBA codes to judge the sales volume of each month.Example for Macro

  1. Press the shortcut keys “Alt +F11” on the keyboard.
  2. And then insert a new module in the Visual Basic editor.Insert Module
  3. In this step, input the following codes into the new module:
Sub UseOffsetInCodes()
  Dim nRowIndex As Integer

  For nRowIndex = 2 To 13
    If Cells(nRowIndex, 4).Value > 1000 Then
      Cells(nRowIndex, 4).Offset(0, 1) = "Qualified"
      Cells(nRowIndex, 4).Offset(0, 1) = "Unqualified"
    End If
  Next nRowIndex
End Sub

In this macro, we will input the result in column E. Instead of using the target cells reference directly, we will use the OFFSET function.

  1. After that, press the button “F5” on the keyboard to run this macro. Thus, the result will appear in column E.

In the VBA function, there are only two arguments. The reference cell will not appear as the argument. Besides, the target range will always be one cell instead of a range. This is the difference between the worksheet function and the VBA function.

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